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Oratect Oral Fluid Drug Screen Test
FDA 510K Cleared
On-Site Saliva Drug Test
Oratect® Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device

The NEW Branan Medical Corporation Oratect® HM15 is the first and only on-site saliva test to be FDA cleared. Oratect® Fluid Drug Screen Device simultaneously tests for 6 drugs, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamine, methamphetamine and PCP.

Oratect® on-site saliva screen allows testers to obtain the rapid results they need without having the concerns of handling a urine specimen or having gender issues when testing the individual.introduces a blue line indicator for the sufficient collection of saliva.

OratectCheckTM Oral Fluid Controls, which are also FDA cleared, are available from Branan Medical.

The Facts

 Two test configurations of 6 drugs
 Rapid collection and testing: results in 5 minutes
 User-friendly and non-invasive
 Avoids cross gender observation
 Reduces sample adulteration or contamination
 Includes transport vial for confirmation testing

Available Drugs of Abuse Tests

 Methamphetamines (ME) 50ng/mL
 Marijuana (TH) 40ng/mL
 Cocaine (CO) 20ng/mL
 Amphetamines (AM) 50ng/mL
 Opiates (OP) 40ng/mL
 Phencylindine 10ng/mL(PC)


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